My name is Jim, but I use “E. James White” here because the domain name was available. My interests vary from running races to photography, raising llamas, biology research, creating internet businesses, and spending time at the beach.

I am a running junkie.  I ran my first half marathon in 2012, followed by 3  half marathons in 2013, and a marathon in 2014 (And 2 half marathons) .   I was always a casual runner off and on until I discovered races and how much fun those events are. After that, I became hooked on running as a competition and a test – primarily against myself.  I am always trying to become a better more efficient runner.

I am equally obsessed with startups.   I love the challenge and thrill of building a company and seeing others enjoy something I contributed towards.  Although most of my blogs have been running related, I will be branching out into other areas in 2015, namely startup/entrepreneur related things.