2017 Races and Goals

2016 was a “meh” year for me with running.  It wasn’t horrible, but I didn’t run as much as previous years.   I  ran 645 miles in 2016, but I ran 910 in 2015. Still, I ran 3 Half Marathons in 2016:

  • Frederick Half Marathon
  • Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon
  • Norfolk Half Marathon

Most months I only ran around 50 miles, with a couple 100 miler months thrown in.  2016 was very busy with my startup company, LivestockCity and some other projects too.

This year will be just as busy, perhaps busier than 2016, but here are my running goals for 2017:

  • 1000+ total miles for 2017
  • Chicago Marathon
  • Norfolk Half Marathon
  • ?? – Other races?

2-3 races I’m guessing.  I have LivestockCity to continue working on and to pursue my interest in photography. But I also want to keep pushing and challenging myself in running.  So what are your running goals for 2017? Please comment below.




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