I am an entrepreneur.  Not full time, not yet.  But I have been engaged in several businesses, and I can tell you that I enjoy it much more than working for a big company.  In big companies where you are employee, there is some security but sometimes not.  The salary can be great, which can make one complacent.  I have always wanted to create something that many others thought was great.  I also believe that living life to the fullest includes doing things that others won’t dare try.  It’s one thing to have an idea.  It’s another to turn that idea into reality.  And it is only near the end of life, that one might look back with huge regret that they did not work on making their idea into reality.

That is my fear, and I do not want any regrets about things I didn’t do. So I ran a marathon, I have started two companies, and I am working on one more. And there could be more afterwards. I will probably sky dive one day. Maybe this year.  Why not? Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

My latest startup company is LivestockCity (www.livestockcity.com).  I just put it online.  I have not even made an official announcement about it. Still working out some bugs, but before the end of March, we will be fully launched.


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