I have been a casual runner off and on for years. I mostly used to run 2-3 miles about 4 times a week. It was not fun. It was boring, and I looked at it as necessary to lose weight and to be able to eat what I want.  I would always eventually develop shin splints, and then running would fall by the wayside for weeks to months, depending. 

But then I became determined to beat the shin splints.  I used some basic orthotic inserts in my shoes, ran only every other day, sometimes less, and I started out with low mileage – 1 mile.  Gradually I increased my miles, still allowing plenty of rest days too.  Eventually I ran 5 miles…..then 6……then 7……then 8, and suddenly, I was thinking about running a half marathon.  After that, I was addicted to running. 


2013 Historic Half Marathon

2013 Charlottesville Fall Classic Half Marathon